Having an anxiety disorder is like a feeling of a never ending sequence of anxiety issues and symptoms, that are unrelenting and debilitating. Anxiety and its impact on relationships is only now, being fully researched. The impact of such unrelenting and anxious moments can and does cause relationship issues and many relationship failures. The anxiety symptoms, especially emotional withdrawal and the physical responses by family and friends produce overwhelming feelings than can cause a total withdrawal, within the anxiety disorder sufferer.

Anxiety disorder sufferers desperately need the support of their partners, their family and their friends if they are to ever build the courage to get on top of there anxiety condition. However, the emotional withdrawal of the anxiety sufferer makes it very hard for this support network to communicate and to feel appreciated. All too often, this support group is slowly driven away, friends no longer come around, family members find other reasons not to be at home and partners just get to the point of enough is enough.

So when we start looking at anxiety and its impact on relationships, what should we be looking for?. The first step is looking at and understanding the emotional turmoil of the anxiety sufferer. Key signs of the emotional turmoil are outward signs of terror, high levels of insecurity, incredible self-doubt and self-loathing, which is often coupled with a feeling of they are going to perish, a desire to escape and trouble accepting actual reality. These features can be vary hard to deal with and place incredible strain emotionally on close relationships, particularly partners.

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