We all understand the fact that Anxiety and Panic Attacks are brought about by anxiety triggers having been activated. However, this is a never-ending cycle that has to be stopped at some point if, there is ever going to be a cure and return to a normal life style. Anxiety Triggers -recognition and control is a key to recovery and achieving a normal life.

The first step is to list the anxiety triggers, every one that you know. The second step is to do an assessment of each of the listed anxiety triggers, looking at why they are a trigger. You also need to review if a series of events coming together, actually build into the trigger point and why does this happen. See, if, you can stop one trigger issue, does it stop the anxiety & panic attack?

For example you get anxious about flying; You may experience an onset of your disorder every time your involved in flying or experience flight simulations conditions, such as going on fun parlour rides or high speed lifts in multi story building etc. Your key to recovery is to break the fear into its mental and physical attributes.

Once you know the mental and physical sides of the emotional response to flying you are in a position to review each issue and your fear for that issue. When broken down to this level we can self help ourselves to logically over come the issue or know what issues we need to address with professional counselling.

When dealing with physical aspects you need to face the situation in the physical sense. Get in touch with your favorite airline, explain your situation and see if you could attend one of their maintenance facilities to see how safe it is or have the service manager explain the safety percentages already built into the aircraft.

On the mental side of the issue we need to ask “Why” and ask “Why do you believe that” to the answers we provide ourselves. Research indicates we need to ask the “Why do you believe that” question down three answer levels to get to the route mental issues. Your looking at issues such as “does an issue remind you of something you have seen or been involved with”.

Engines falling off a plane is not a common event, but you will have seen it in films or read about it in fiction books. To your mind then it is a possible event and this is the flight it will happen on hence the anxiety being manifested. That’s why we advise seeing for your self to show the brain that is initial answer on the issue is incorrect and here is a new 100% correct image because you have seen it for your self.

All available information on this treatment for anxiety and panic attack disorders is that it works. Having to write down in words the concern and then to review the concern a further two to three times, all in writing, tend to clarify the concern and allow you to dispel it at the grass root level before it combines with other judgements to create the anxiety trigger.

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