Anxiety is a major disorder affecting almost 1 in 10 people in the US and almost the same worldwide. With such a problem disorder the number of treatments vary from natural remedies, through foods we eat and extend out to prescription medications from doctors and treatments by psychiatrists. The treatment we will deal with here is Exercise to Treat Anxiety.

Exercise has been deemed, the natural cure for most illnesses, affecting the body and it is, no different for anxiety. The reason behind exercise being, so highly rated, is that it makes the body release endorphins into the brain, triggering a burst of serotonin in the body’s elixir of life. Exercise also improves ones general control over the body, improves our fitness and gets the body to function as it was designed, (a key point missing from our westernized societies where we have become very sedentary.)

Anxiety and panic attack disorders stem from a common position within the sufferer and that is that the sufferers feel a sense of loss of control over their body. This causes an increased level of stress and anxiety that builds into the panic attack. The majority of people accept a level of not being in control however, the reverse applies to anxiety sufferers where loss of control can cause debilitating affect on the body.

We have limited control over our lives but fortunately we do have, the controlling interest in our bodies and what we do with or for them. This is where Exercise to Treat Anxiety comes into force. Stress levels are reduced, cardio function is increased providing greater blood flows to key organs and the body takes on a calm but prepared stance. The exercise stimulates a variety of organs causing chemical releases that further tune the body and heighten our brain functions. What could be better than that when fighting stress, anxiety and panic issues?

Exercise will not only help you physically, but mentally as well. It increases the metabolism helping to shed fat and burn calories, while providing mussel tone to key muscles. Our own self worth is increased by our better body image, which in turn makes us feel good and less susceptible to anxiety and panic attack triggers.

Setting aside the time for exercise is important, as is actually the time we do the exercise. Exercise in the morning can be full on to test our abilities as we have the full day to recover. Evening exercise should be a little less intense so that you remain relaxed and settled and able to drop off to sleep quickly once you go to bed. Activities such as Yoga are ideal for the evening as it is a form of meditation as well as an exercise program.

Through exercise to treat anxiety and panic attacks, you are able to stimulate your body, while clearing the mind of negative thoughts, which may harbor the triggers to another anxiety of panic attack. It is well documented that exercise takes care of the body, mind and spirit.

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