Alone, Confused Scared, Learn How To Be Anxiety Free

“Alone, Confused, Scared”. That’s how you meet each new day. There could be any number of people around you, but you would still feel all by yourself. It is beginning to affect your ability to live and function as a human being; You have such a weird disorder that sets you apart form the rest of the world, so much so that no one could ever understand what you are going through.There just doesn’t seem to be any way you could see as to “how to be anxiety free”.

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There is no understanding within you as to what is happening or that there are a multitude of people who are suffering just like you. The anxiety attacks would come from nowhere, or so you believed at the time. They would strike while you were driving, eating working or just walking through a shopping centre.

Why Me?, Will It ever stop? Is always on your tongue. Your mind always asking, what is happening to me? And the greatest fear of an Anxiety attack/disorder sufferer is? To have ANOTHER  ATTACK!  Anxiety attacks don’t only happen when a person is awake. They can, and often do happen while you are sleeping. How scary do you think that may be to wake up to? Indescribable would be putting it MILDLY. So we continue with our search on how to be anxiety free.

But from the worlds point of view, anxiety is one of those ‘sweep it under the carpet’, “embarrassment-type issues, or I think I might-be-going-crazy” disorders, people don’t like to talk about it. (Or admit they are a long time sufferers)

What Can You Do To Battle Back and Become Anxiety Free?

Today, you may feel quite different. You now  KNOW, that you suffer from Anxiety Disorder. You KNOW the condition you battle with through your daily life, each and every week, into the following month and on into a year. You know that this will be a condition you will most likely have for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, if you dont take action to seek a cure.

From the beginning, you MUST understand this Anxiety attack for what it is and when you are caught up in one. Realize that it won’t last forever. Most attacks only last anywhere from a few minutes up to no longer than a half an hour.

The key to controlling an anxiety attack is in fact control. If you can lie down, if not sit or squat down so that if the attack upsets your balance you will not fall and hurt yourself. Now try to relax, close your eyes to cut out external influences that may be causing the anxiety.

The next step is to slow down your breathing into slow deep breaths held for the count of four when you breath in and the same after you breath out. Relax your mussels starting from the toes and working up the body. Feel the mussels relaxing and see them so in your mind. Shake the stiffness out.

The REAL key in battling Anxiety Attacks is to redirect your train of thought. Produce mental images in your brain of your being in CONTROL of the situation. Keep yourself as busy as you can and let the thoughts of fear of an oncoming attack melt away. Practice this reversal of thought, the better you get at it, the more able you will be to manage your Anxiety attack better the next time you feel one coming on.

If it becomes too much to manage on your own, seek professional medical assistance. Don’t feel stupid for having to call for assistance and support. You shouldn’t feel the least bit of embarrassment or guilt in needing their help.

If you suffer from Anxiety, I commend you to making a choice to learn more about
what it is, what you can expect, steps you can take to get your Anxiety under
control, and last but not least, how to be anxiety free. The way this is achieved is by control.

Control through;

1. Searching out your Trigger Points and what it is about them that affects you
2. Understanding and directing your Self Talk
3. Building support with loved ones and friends
4. Facing each attack knowing it will not harm you
5. Forcing uncomfortable situations on yourself
6. Facing your fears and seeing them for what they aren’t

You are a person with feelings, that just happens to suffer from a anxiety disorder, that you deserve the right to be happy and comfortable with your life!  Having a clearer understanding of what you face on a daily basis and how you can get through the tough times.

If you are someone battling with Anxiety, I wish you all the best life can give to you. You are a wonderful person for taking steps to educate yourself on this serious illness and on your way to becoming anxiety free. Congratulate yourself for a job well done!

Understand the condition you have, learn about the different medications that can support you defeating this disorder, (but don’t let them become a crutch). Understand your fears and learn how unfounded they are by challenging them.

Do this and you will learn “How To Be Anxiety Free”

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