Klonopin, a benzodiazepine generic of Clonazepam, is a drug used to curb conditions like seizure disorders, anxiety, panic disorders and other similar conditions. It is available in 3 dosage variants, namely, 0.5mg, 1mg and 2mg and the average selling cost starts from $2.4 for a 0.5mg tablet to $3.7 for a 2mg tablet.
Due to the increase in demand for K-pins(a street name for Klonopin, along with other names like Clones, Pins or Super Valium), the street price keeps fluctuating. This adds unnecessary monetary pressure on patients who actually need this drug for treatment of the above mentioned medical conditions.

Street prices of Klonopin

In the US, it has been seen that many drug distributors sell a Klonopin tablet for more than the actual retail price, which is around 2-3 dollars for a milligram. In the past, the average street price was only around 1-2 dollars per milligram, which is fairly less than the retail price.
But now according to a recent survey, it has been observed that the drug is being sold at $7 per milligram in New York. That is more than twice the market price! If we average out the overall street sales in the US, it comes to around 10-15 dollars per milligram.

Why price of Klonopin is high offline?

There are many drug distributors all around the country as well as the world. Now the task which you have in hand is to find a reliable distributor and to do so is an extremely time consuming and mind wrecking task. There still might be few distributors who still sell Klonopin at less than or equal to the retail price. But finding those distributors in a pool of other overpriced sellers is not a task worth taking, for it may exert unnecessary pressure in the pockets of a user or buyer.

How to get around the high price of Klonopin in local drugstores?

A legally authorized online pharmacy is the solution to get around this problem. An online pharmacy always sells Klonopin around the retail price ranging from 2-3 dollars per milligram. And since they are strictly regulated as per the law, people can avoid the unnecessary monetary obstacles.
Some online pharmacies provide Klonopin discounts and offers. If it is bought in a large quantity, you will be paying less than the retail price per milligram.
For example, if you purchase 90 pills of Klonopin online, the amount you will have to pay will only be $219, which is $2.43 per tablet. Which when compared to the actual retail price would be a discount of around $51!

As a conclusion, due to the instability in the cost of Klonopin in the street market, it is a viable and logical option to opt for an online pharmacy you can trust and rely, from where you can purchase the drug at either the retail price or a discounted price and definitely never the self-amended over price tags on the drug.