All these medications have something in common which is, they are all basically benzodiazepine drugs whose core chemical compound will be a benzene ring. When it comes to prescription it’s the doctor’s personal choice to decide which of these drugs would work within the class benzodiazepine. Before prescribing, doctors might check the person’s previous medication history and decides which one would betterfitthe condition of the patient after considering possible drug interactions. The major difference between Klonopin, valium and Ativan is their duration of action. Ativan is a short acting drug whereas Klonopin and Valium are comparatively longer acting ones. Valium and Klonopin effects could last for about 1-3 days whereas Ativan would take about 11- 20 hours.
If you go through forums you might see positive reviews for all three drugs because each drug acts on a person with different efficacy and side effects. For instance people with high blood pressure find Ativan imparting certain side effects and in such cases they would find Klonopin much effective to treat their anxiety. Apart from personal classification, there is no scientific background on which is better. Doctors might sometimes try more than one drug to find out which is better for the patients. Another major difference to be quoted would be their active class chemical compound. Although each medicine varies in chemical composition they would do the same action to inhibit anxiety releasing signals.

Effectiveness based on dosages of Ativan, Klonopin and Valium

This analysis would need a thorough comparison between all three drugs. The equivalentdosages of valium, klonopin and Ativan have great impact on its effectiveness. For example 1mg of ativan provides the same effect as 0.5 mg Klonopin which remains functional for 1-3 days whereas ativan is a short duration one. The personal preference can vary with a person’s physical condition and need. If you are looking to treat a short outburst of anxiety then Ativan would be a great choice because it is fast acting as well as would suit your needs and leaves the body within a day, thus, you need not have to suffer the side effects for a longer period of time. Whereas if you are being treated for a decent duration of time then the longer acting pills are better like Klonopin and Valium, thus you can reduce the intake dosage when compared to Ativan for the same duration of action.
On a short survey, it was found that quicker drugs like Ativan or Xanax tend to form a hard addiction whereas sloth running and long duration drugs like Klonopin and Valium doesn’t have high potential for addiction. On the dosage equivalency comparison,klonopin 0.5mg equals 1mg of Ativan and 10mg of valium. So you got the math of side effects right? Taking more quantity would accelerate the side effects. So keep in mind that the little you take the better, but if the purpose is intended for a long duration then instead of trying frequent intake of Ativan go for one big shot of Klonopin or Valium.
Whatever the case might be, do not self-prescribe these medications. There are more than 1000 possible drug interactions possible with these drugs. So always consult a professional for the suggestion before buying klonopin, valium or ativan over the counter.Here is the good news, if you need to save some money on purchase. Try online shopping for getting genuine, best price product at your doorstep.