Ativan comes under the category schedule IV in the United States hence a prescription is a must to obtain this medication. There are still other possible ways to buy ativan over the counter but it is illegal and you may end up buying counterfeit medications.

What would happen if you obtain Ativan over the counter in the US?

The Food and Drug administration (FDA) has categorized ativan under prescription only drug hence you are not supposed to obtain it over the counter. There are some people who get Ativan from a country where the medication is easily available without a prescription. It is completely fine if you take ativan for treating your medical ailment in that country. But, some people would bring this drug to the United States and this is where the problem starts. Your Ativan pills would be ceased by the officials if it is bought over the counter. Even if you have the prescription for this medication that is given by the doctor in another country, it is still not allowed inside US. They might take actions according to the law.

What about getting a prescription for Ativan in the US?

There are two options available to the people and they can choose one among them according to their wish. Firstly, you can go to a clinic and consult a doctor about your health condition and get a prescription to buy Ativan medication. But, in this case, you would be paying a consultation fee to the doctor. Second option is to choose a legitimate online pharmacy by asking your friends or relatives and use their doctor online to get an e-prescription. In this process, you do not pay for the doctor.

What is the procedure to get a prescription for Ativan online?

Create your user name and password in an online pharmacy which provides the facility of consulting an online doctor. Upload all your medical reports online to make it easy for an online health care professional to analyze completely about your ailment. They would guide you whether you can take ativan or not. If you are approved to take ativan, they would give you an online generated script stating it. They would also suggest you the appropriate dosage strength, how to take ativan, what should be avoided during this treatment, how long you should continue with this medication and they would also answer all your questions. Now, use that online prescription to buy cheap Ativan pills for the required period of time.

Why Ativan is a prescription only medication?

Ativan is found to possess a habit forming capability in it. Few among the patients who first consult with the doctor before taking Ativan had also been addicted to it. Since they were under the guidance of a doctor, they managed to come out of addiction very soon. Doctor’s supervision is a must to safely take Ativan pills.