You might be one amongst the millions of people who have been trying to overcome panic disorder; and your landing up on this page, indicates that you are still searching for a cure for your panic disorder symptoms. Most people experiences several symptoms of panic disorder – some of which are so severe and turbulent that many confuse them with heart attack. So how do you treat panic disorder symptoms?

Panic disorder symptoms are sudden, intense and come with feelings of anxiety; however, they do not pose atual danger to life. Most of the symptoms erupt unexpectedly, climax within 10 minutes and subside consequently. In some cases the panic attacks may be so frequent that it becomes really difficuilt to asses when one ends and the other initiates. Panic disorder symptoms can be adjudged when at least any four factors are noticed.

  • Feeling of breathlessness and suffocation
  • Feeling of dizziness, nausea or abdominal distress
  • Accelerated heart rate and palpitations
  • Choking sensation along with chest pain or discomfort
  • Fear of losing control over oneself, accompanied by numbness or tingling sensations
  • Unusual sweating and shaky feeling
  • Experiencing an unreal feeling and of being detached from oneself
  • Sensations of hot flushes or chills
  • Concluding the combination of all symptoms as close to death;and fear of dying

Living with Panic Disorder Symptoms

The distress of living with Panic Disorder Symptoms can only be experienced by those who have experienced it. In most cases, people suffering from panic disorder, suffer from recurring attacks as this is caused mainly due to constant worrying and fear of having another attack. Medical journals have also indicated the development of certain behavioral changes like agoraphobia in a deliberate attempt to restrict panic attacks.

If your panic disorder symptoms has reached a stage where conditions like agoraphobia – where a person stays away from crowded places like clubs, theaters and shopping malls or from confined areas like airplanes; it’s high time you put an immediate curb to anxiety and overcome panic disorder.

In spite of probabilities that conditions like agoraphobia or other panic disorder may complicate the process of recovery, it is considered 100 percent treatable. Treatment processes vary from patient to patient; however what matters the most is your willpower and self motivation to adhere to self help panic away techniques and anxiety release methods for faster recovery.

Overcome Panic Disorder with Self Help Panic Away Techniques

Self help methods like panic away techniques and anxiety release, are some of the finest treatment procedures developed through scientific research in the recent times. Therapeutic interventions like medicinal or cognitive behavioral therapy have a proven track record of curbing Panic Disorder Symptoms, however; it also comes with its share of negative consequences.

You may also feel tempted to choose medicinal therapy, because it offers nerve relaxation and promises instant relief from your anxieties. However, in spite of being widely prescribed by doctors, drug therapy can only offer short-term relief and cannot be considered for long-term treatment due to impending side effects possibilities.

You must have by now, experienced with all possible drugs and therapies including relaxation techniques – meditation, yoga, music; regular exercise, aromatherapy and a balanced diet. But, do you still feel intimidated by anxiety and panic attacks?

Well studies have shown that you can best treat and overcome panic disorder by following self help anxiety release methods. The essence of these methods is that it first makes you  unearth the causes behind your anxiety and panic disorder symptoms. Once you know your inherent fears that propel anxiety and triggers panic attack, you can easily overcome panic disorder by sheer confidence and self belief of riding high over the fears

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