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The key to overcoming panic attacks is to relax.  That’s easy to say but difficult to do.  A good way is controlling your breathing, making sure it is slow and steady.  An initial sign of a pending anxiety or panic attack is difficulty breathing. Concentrate on making those breaths deep and even, your heart rate will slow, automatically and the panic attack will subside. Using the one move technique as taught with The Panic Away Program.

A good way to breathe easier is to expel all the air out of your lungs. This makes you take a deeper breath next time. Focus on your out-breath, push all the air out of your lungs as you exhale and you’ll find your breathing is deeper and you feel calmer and on your way to overcoming the anxiety panic attack.

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The key to overcoming Anxiety Panic Attacks is to take the focus off your having a panic attack.  One at a time try to press your feet, , into the ground. Feel the connection, how solid they feel rooted into the ground.
Alternatively lie down with your bottom near a wall, place your feet against the wall (your knees are bent) and press your feet one at a time onto the wall surface. Breathe in as you press each foot against the wall, and breathe out as you release it. Alternate between your feet after every third breath in and out. Do this for 10 – 15 minutes or until the panic subsides.

Focus your senses to absorb what you see, hear, feel, and smell in your environment. This helps you to remain in the present. Panic is usually associated with recalling upsetting events from the past or anticipating something upsetting in the future. Keeping your focused in the present will be calming. Try  holding a pet; or look at photos of happy events, anything that is heart warming and brings an element of joy.

Aromatherapy has many advocates on its power to assist in overcoming anxiety panic attacks.  Lavender can have an especially calming and soothing effect when you smell it. Keep it handy in your hand bag, desk draw or vehicle and take a sniff when you start feeling anxious.
Other essential oils known to help panic and panic attacks are helichrysum, frankincense, and marjoram. Use what ever works best to you, after a bit of experimentation.

Making preparations BEFORE a panic attack happens is the best preventative measure.  When you’re not in a anxious state, make a list of the things that you’re afraid will happen. Then write out calming things that tell you the opposite of your fears.  Repeat these things to yourself when the panic starts to come on.

The majority of sufferers find this to be a very helpful tool. Panic can be a very scary thing to go through, especially if you’re alone. Preparing for when the panic comes can really help reduce the panic, and even sometimes help to prevent it.

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Other great tools to combating anxiety and stress  are;

1. To use visualization.
2. To use hypnotherapy
3. To use flick back flick forward  *
*    Flick back – flick forward is to use the following technique
a) Think back to an attack and visualize how you got over it, that you beat it and how good you felt about coming out on top.
b) Now you project that feeling forward to the new attack and meet it head on visualize your success, because you know you can beat it, because you have in the past

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