Anxiety is a chronic condition that needs to be handled meticulously with precision. What started off initially as anxiety disorder soon intensified leading to anxiety and panic attacks and drove everyone in a tizzy. Although, people affected from anxiety considers this as a prevalent problem affecting people of all ages, there are several methods of dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

One of the most indispensable parts of dealing with anxiety is to give away your worries and problems and handle the situation tactfully with calm and diligence. Many co-relate stress to anxiety; however, anxiety and panic attack is apparently more about an emotional outburst which often catches the patient off guard and may even lead to nervous breakdown if not dealt properly.

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Proven Tips to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is intrusive; you either have to give in to anxiety and panic, and get ready for a miserable life or learn to overcome anxiety and save yourself from being bogged down by the influence. Studies have clearly reiterated the ill effects of anxiety as it weakens you physically and psychologically.  A few tips to deal with anxiety and panic attacks are given below.

  • Control thoughts: It is very important to control your thoughts, because your strength, determination and ability to win over anxiety can only let you overcome it. Always remember not to let stress fuel your anxiety. Practice self discipline and control over your emotions for effective results.
  • Good Morning: Wake up in the morning with a positive attitude. Think about all the good things that have happened to you – before going to bed at night and on waking up. This will relieve unnecessary stress and anxiety and generate positive energies for your endeavors.
  • Keep busy: Keep yourself busy by always doing something or the other. This will keep your mind fresh, engaged and devoid of being stressed or getting a panic attack.
    – Be Positive: Always start your days with a positive note, thanking God for being by your side and a few positive assertions, cheering and motivational words. Use positive words in your conversation.
  • Goals to Achieve: Set goals to be achieved in a limited timeframe. This will work indirectly in keeping you busy and occupied, rather than straying away in thoughts provoking anxiety, panic and stress.
  • Speak Out: It is always recommended to speak up about your anxieties and fear to someone you trust. An effective result may in noticed in people who choose to share their worries and may save them from panic attack.
  • Music: Music for the soul is one of the most pacifying methods to beat anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Exercise: Exercise keeps the body fit and a regular bout of yoga, aerobics and jogging keep all stress and fear away.
  • Laugh: Keep yourself happy and smiling. Find reasons to laugh – see the world around you, you can find joy in the smallest things. You can also read books on jokes; watch comedies and even crack a joke to keep yourself and the others happy.

More Tips to Deal with Anxiety and Panic

Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks is very sensitive considering the different facets you have to handle:

  • You have to be true to yourself, defying the negative thoughts and imbibing positive outlook, apart from being persistent.
  • Try to reason your anxiety and find out what is causing it. Once you know the root cause of your anxiety, dare panic or anxiety attack to confront you. It’s your ability to stand against the current that is helping in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.